Built-in, folding urinal for the home bathroom.

From yesterday’s water purifier and citrus juicer there is only a small step to today’s folding urinal. One thing leads to another, as they say. Home urinals may be the next big thing in bathrooms, but we suspect the ladies may have a tendency to slow the process down. We mean, how great is it to use the bathroom with a urinal in nose height right next to you? Well, this particular urinal may make the whole family think again. First of all it helps, like all urinals, the males in the house avoid making those nasty yellow spots on the rim of the toilet, which the ladies surely will appreciate. Secondly, it folds into a recess in the wall after use which makes it almost invisible, or at least hardly noticeable when it is not in use. Thirdly, the flushing of the folding urinal is only supposed to use 10 ounces of water, which is a lot less than the toilet uses. The only drawback may be that the whole thing is made of plastic, which, at least to us, seems less hygienic than porcelain. If your are interested in this kind of home improvement, it is USD 295:- at Mister Miser.brbr

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