Braille cellphone for the visually challenged.

All cellphones rely heavily on their UI. Some are good, some barely OK, and some suck. But to a blind or visually impaired person this does not matter, since he or she can’t use the phone anyway. They would be happy with a phone without all the bells and whistles, as long as it is good for calling up friends and family. Now, apparently, Indian phone service provider Spice has recently showed a USD 20:- braille cellphone. Phone manufacturer Doro also has a cell phone model meant to facilitate for the elderly or visually impaired, but although it has a very simple UI, it does not use braille. Now our question is this; how hard could it be for Motorola, Nokia, Samsung or Sony-Ericson to add braille to the keyboard next time they re-design one of their phones?brbr

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