Bra strap retainer stops dreaded VBS.

This post is of course dedicated to our female readers in particular, and a bit of research among friends of the female persuasion suggests this gadget would be a welcome addition to the wardrobe. It is called Strap Trap and it is simply a small plastic loop you sew into the shoulders of sleeveless sweaters or blouses to stop bra straps from sliding into public view. Wether visible straps is seen as a problem or not may be an age or culture issue, but here is a ready solution. The tip is from Hilda V., inventor of the Strap Trap. The Strap Trap is available in black or white and a kit of 12 (enough for 6 garments) is GBP 5:- (about EUR 7:30) shipped within the EU or GBP 6:- (approx. USD 11:60) shipped to the US, AUS and NZ.brbr

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