Bicycle bag with built-in lights.

We get quite a load of e-mail every day. Surprisingly many come from businesses in China, Korea or Taiwan. Firms that must have harvested the internet for addresses to sites they think will have an interest in their products. Mostly the mails are about stuff we have already written about (that is probably how they found us) but the other day was an exception, and we learned about a product we had never heard of before. A bike bag with an integrated light. The red parts seems to be something we in lack of a better term will venture to call flat LEDs. Batteries are kept inside the bag, of course. We do not know if, and where, these bags may be available for purchase, but we like the idea enough to post it anyway. The factory that makes the lighted bags (and a lot of other stuff) is apparently the Mustang Industrial Corp.brbr

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