Bamboo clothes – future of the garment industry?

Making textile from bamboo does not seem to be any more strange than making clothes from wood. Yes, they do. The wood fiber is called viscose, and the fabric is very soft and nice to wear. Bamboo fiber is made in much the same way as viscose, but the bamboo has a lot of other nice properties, besides being soft. Here are some of them. Bamboo fiber absorbs perspiration and will not stick to your skin. It’s great ability to breath makes bamboo garments particularly comfortable in hot temperatures. They are also warm in cold weather. Bamboo is also naturally anti-bacterial and this makes bamboo clothing stay fresh and odor free longer. It is also anti-static, UV protecting and anti fungal. Bamboo is also considered environmentally friendly since it grows like wildfire, and does not require green thumbs to cultivate. To add to this, bamboo grows in many Third World countries that could well use the additional export revenue. We have a couple of bamboo (and bamboo-cotton mix) t-shirts and they really are comfortable. The only draw-back seems to be that they wrinkle very easily.brbr

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