Back-To-School Beauty: 10 Products To Keep In Your Locker

imageYup, it’s that time of year again. The dreaded first day of school is fast approaching. And what better way to soften the blow of having to kiss your summer freedom goodbye than makeup shopping? After all, three-ring binders and dorm room decor aren’t the only things you need to stock up on when it comes to preparing to hit the books again. In order to really be ready for the semester ahead (and treat yourself in the process), you ought to look at some portable locker loot that you can keep on-hand for mid-day makeup emergencies and touch-ups during passing periods. For example, imagine how much sweeter the day would be if you could stop by your locker for a quick spritz of your favorite fragrance or a swipe of blush to add some color to your just-saw-your-test-grade ghostly complexion! Even if you’re way past your locker days, check out the slideshow for some handy to-go products you can keep in your schoolbag, desk, or car for the long and studious days ahead!

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