Babes In Boo-land: Halloween Costumes For Little Ones!

imageAt age one, I was a mouse, and front-page news for winning my small town’s Halloween costume contest. While my fifteen minutes of fame has come and gone, there may be a little one in your life who has a winning future too. Yes, sometimes toddlers don’t like costumes — or clothes in general, for that matter — but wrestling them into an over-sized, plush lobster may just be worth the hassle. It’s probably true that junior won’t remember his or her first anything let alone the first October 31st, but the pictures will live to tell the story of a good costume. The best thing about these costumes is that they’re timeless, and certainly reusable for the next little nugget that will fit into them. Don’t make them too scary though — the thought of getting a toddler into a costume is frightening enough. Click through the slideshow for some adorable Halloween costumes for babies!

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