B.A.R.E. Lamps: Minimum Viable Product in Lighting Design

The goal of this project, by Madrid-based artist/designer Lucas Muñoz Muñoz, would make a fantastic ID school assignment: Build a lamp with the least amount of materials possible.

Muñoz calls his creations B.A.R.E. Lamps (Brick, Appliances, Rods and Electricity).

“These lamps have been designed to be easily and economically manufactured. Using only off-the-shelf materials like bricks, welding rods and electronic quick connectors.”

“B.A.R.E. Lamps were firstly designed for the exhibition Materia Gris* and for this they were manufactured by the students of Norte Joven Association’s social project.** At Materia Gris, these lights illuminated the exhibited objects and any visitor could pre-buy the fixtures through a QR code. At the exhibition closure the original units were given to their buyers. With this action, funding was raised for Norte Joven Association’s social project. This was one of the circular strategies designed for that exhibition to leave no trace or collaborate in a social cause.”

*Materia Gris was an exhibition at CentroCentro, a cultural center in Madrid, that showcased emerging biomaterials of interest to product designers. Muñoz designed the exhibition to avoid generating the typical garbage levels that such shows produce, and to avoid having to spend money on purchasing fixtures; he and his team scavenged materials left over from previous CentroCentro exhibitions to create the display fixtures.

The only thing purchased to post the exhibition was canned food, used as legs to elevate the plinths (to allow the floor to be mopped). Afterwards some of the food was consumed at an event at Muñoz’s studio, and the rest of the cans were donated to the Norte Joven Association.

**The Norte Joven Association is a Madrid-based nonprofit that targets economically-, socially- and academically-disadvantaged youth, and provides them with vocational training and support services.

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