Attention High-Precision Sketchers: An Ultra-Fine 0.28mm Ballpoint Pen

This will only matter if you’re a serious sketching/writing nerd.

If you’re looking for a pen with a ultra-fine point, you can grab a 0.5mm at your local big-box. Dig deeper online, and you’ll find pens with 0.3mm or even 0.2mm tips. But they’re all rollerballs. That’s because the ink chemistry required for such a fine point is easier to pull off with rollerballs, which use thinner ink; you just can’t get that smoothness with the oil-based ink that ballpoint pens use.

Or at least, you couldn’t before. Japan’s Uni, a/k/a the Mitsubishi Pencil Company, has figured out the ink formula with their Jetstream Edge, a pen with an absurdly fine 0.28mm ballpoint.

Image: Unsharpen

Says the company:

“Prepare yourself for an extraordinary writing experience that will leave you amazed. With its hexagonal barrel, knurled metal grip, and eye-catching wire clip, the JETSTREAM Edge oozes style. But it’s not just about looks – our archival-quality hybrid black ink delivers smooth and vibrant writing that rivals gel pens, all while drying quickly like a ballpoint.”

Pen Addict’s review of the Edge is pretty glowing:

“The 0.28mm refill produces a line that is so satisfyingly thin. It feels so precise and accurate due to the extreme crispness of the ink formula. There are no stray specks or light splotches of gray ink. These lines are crisp, and they are dark. It’s incredibly satisfying.”

“Like most ultra-fine writing instruments, you can normally expect a somewhat scratchy writing experience since you’re effectively writing with a hypodermic needle. Believe it or not, this is not the case with the Uni 0.28mm refill. It’s surprisingly smooth when writing, which is a great testament to the Jetstream brand. Even at such small sizes, the ink formula is still incredibly smooth. It’s an absolute joy to use.”

Writing utensil reviewer Unsharpen has their full review below:

The Jetstream Edge runs about $16.

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