AT 187 office chair promotes "dynamic sitting" to prevent backache at work

AT 187 ergonomic office chair by Wilkahn

The latest office chair from German furniture brand Wilkahn features technologies developed to encourage movement and maintain the user’s centre of gravity as they shift position throughout the working day.

The AT chair is the third addition to Wilkhahn‘s free-2-move family of office chairs, following on from its IN and ON designs. The chairs use the patented Trimension technology to encourage movement when working at a desk.

AT 187 ergonomic office chair by Wilkahn

Wilkhahn based the design of the AT chairs on research conducted in collaboration with the German Sport University Cologne, which suggested that regular movement is essential to maintain physical fitness, as well as boosting mental performance.

Biomechanical analysis of the body while seated at a desk indicated that the three-dimensional movements of the hips are key to activating the muscles and skeleton.

AT 187 ergonomic office chair by Wilkahn

The company set about creating an ergonomic office chair that facilitates dynamic seating and can be configured quickly and easily to suit the personal preferences of each individual user.

“To produce a three-dimensional and supported form of motion, Trimension was developed in close association with the health and sports science sectors,” Wilkhahn explained.

“Trimension is a synchronous adjustment mechanism that allows two-dimensional bending and stretching of the torso and sideways movements of the hips.”

AT 187 ergonomic office chair by Wilkahn

The key technology featured in the AT 187 chair is the self-centring suspension of the seat shell, which helps the body maintain its centre of gravity as the user alters their posture.

The seat also features a backrest with tilt capability that adjusts automatically to the user’s weight. The technology allows office workers to move in all directions while sitting, which helps to stimulate the metabolic process.

AT 187 ergonomic office chair by Wilkahn

Options available in the AT family include an office chair with an elevated seating position for use at height-adjustable tables. The range also offers customisable features and a coordinated design that will fit in with most contemporary office environments.

American furniture brand Haworth also believes in the importance of movement within the office, which it highlighted in a book exploring the role architects and designers can play in creating healthier workplaces.

The chair features on the longlist for the Dezeen Awards 2019. The product is joined in the workplace design category by a modular furniture system that can be used to create more flexible offices and a sofa system created by Barber and Osgerby to enable casual and flexible working.

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