Architect Maxime Prananto's Continuous Chandelier

This Continuous Chandelier, made of galvanized steel and standard circular fluorescents, is by Belgian architect Maxime Prananto.

“Continuous Chandelier balances the iconographic, structural I-beam section with the fragility of light itself. It is an object that operates within a continuum of contradictions: those of tough and brittle, sharp and dull, linear and circular. Its typological reference is thouroughly reduced to a round shape with multiple light points. Subsequently, the question of hierarchy follows. It seems that there may no longer be one, when light becomes as formally structural as its skeleton.”

“The chandelier is composed of flat sheets of steel. The upright of the I-beam is incrementally bent and point welded to eventually form a circular shape. The steel pieces are hot-dipped (galvanized) to provide them with a characteristic reflectiveness. All technical and electrical components are treated as sculptural in nature. A modest system of chains and hooks is used to suspend the chandelier to any height.”

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