Apply to SVA's MFA in Products of Design by Jan. 15!

If you’re thinking about grad school, you might spend some of your holiday time sparkling up that portfolio as the application deadline is soon approaching for SVA’s MFA in Products of Design program in NYC.

The two-year master’s program provides coursework in the most critical design domains: industrial design, interaction design, service design, business design, leadership and strategic management, and social innovation.

RE:ACTORS, which won best student booth at NYCxDESIGN’s Javits Center, encourages “re-physicalizing in a pandemic world.”

Department chair Allan Chochinov makes the strong argument: “In this world—with the challenges and opportunities we have—it is critical to be a multi-lingual designer. And in order to be effective, you need the skills, methodologies, and languages across multiple design practices. Our program provides the broadest possible MFA, graduating students with the broadest potential in their careers.”

In our program, you are not forced to choose one discipline of design. This vastly increases the potential breadth of practice in your career.

Every year, students of the program design products for manufacture and sales at MoMA as part of its ongoing partnership. Here, a top product is Hui Zheng’s Roller Coasters.

“Our program also features a no grade policy—something that both the students and faculty appreciate. Not having grades encourages maximum risk from the students, and fosters a collegial relationship with the faculty (as opposed to a hierarchical one where teachers are ‘measuring’ you.)”

Like a metaphor of a relationship, Crystal Lo’s Kuddle Charging Stand will only charge if both of a couple’s phones are close together on the dock.

You can see what the department is looking for in a candidate in Core77’s article, Getting Accepted: How to Be a Standout Applicant to SVA’s Products of Design MFA Program, and learn much more about the program at

Ready to apply? Get all the details at their Apply Page.

Dana Krouham created a public intervention as part of her thesis, CHRONIC: How Understanding Your Pain Can Change Your Pain.

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