Add Vintage Appeal To Your Look With A Pocket Watch Necklace!

imageOne accessory of the past that I wish had never gone out of style is the pocket watch necklace, or pendant watch. There’s something so refined and sophisticated about this vintage-inspired timepiece, dangling elegantly from a chain and worn as a necklace, or placed carefully inside a breast pocket. While watches can also be beautiful, a watch necklace is not only eye-catching, but unique and practical as well. Is there anything else you could ask for from a piece of jewelry? With the layered look still at the forefront of jewelry trends today, a pocket watch necklace frees up a wrist from an everyday watch and allows you to pile on a few more bangles and bracelets. Plus, a pocket watch necklace nestled amongst other chains and necklaces adds interest and texture, giving the wearer a look that’s both vintage and modern. Take a look at some of my favorites by clicking on the slideshow!

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