A Customized Computer Mouse Designed from a Photo of Your Hand

Does this object say more about the state of modern manufacturing, or human psychology? A startup called Formify is attempting to Kickstart customized computer mice based on your exact hand. “Simply submit a picture of your hand and we’ll generate the ideal mouse,” the company writes. “Our advanced technology analyzes your hand shape and size to produce the ultimate mouse shape for peak accuracy and performance. The generated design has been parametrically perfected through hundreds of iterations.” You can also choose to have a texture added to the surface.

The Formify mouse (3D-printed, of course) is apparently meant to give gamers a competitive advantage by perfectly suiting their individual mitts. Maybe it does. But I suspect the larger draw here is to appeal to peoples’ desire to have things custom-made for them, and the special feeling that brings for those hungry to own objects.

Then again, the rise of gaming and e-sports means there is certainly a market for high-performing accessories. As with athletic footwear, it’s difficult to validate, outside of a laboratory setting, just how much of a competitive advantage these high-performing objects bring; but the promise of such is often enough to close the sale.

At press time the Formify mouse had not reached its target, but there are still 26 days left in the campaign. Buy-in starts at $139.

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