Layer Design’s sustainable glass straws double up as visually engaging centerpieces!

January’s almost coming to an end (yes I know!) and with 2020 hurtling along in full force, being eco-friendly is now a way of life. There’s simply no excuse for hurting the environment, which includes using the nefarious disposable plastic straws. Metal and paper alternatives are available, but metallic straws tend to alter the flavor of our drinks, and the paper ones disintegrate before we can even manage to finish our drinks.

In an attempt to create a solution, Benjamin Hubert of London-based design agency Layer collaborated with design magazine Surface to produce the Surface Straws! Created from recycled borosilicate glass, these straws are sculptural beauties. Recyclable, reusable, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean and maintain, these aesthetic straws also make for eye-catching centerpieces! Each straw comes in different height and diameter, so they’re perfect for sipping on any drink, whether it’s a stress-relieving cocktail, a frothy milkshake, or maybe that glass of water your body needs! The triad of straws come in subtle shades of green, with one bordering on grey. The different heights and complementary color schemes of the straws add on to their visual appeal.

Placed within a glass bell jar, supported by a recycled rubber base, the straws resemble the branches of a tree, interweaving with another to create a nature-inspired organic display. The glass straws can be used time and again, ideal for hot and cold drinks, with their visual appeal transforming them into items we can use every day with joy!

Designer: Benjamin Hubert of Layer with Surface Magazine

How something as mundane as a roll of tape became groundbreakingly useful

Oscar Lhermitte’s TAPE wasn’t designed to be a material that sticks together box-flaps, or wrapping paper. It was designed to be a template, a canvas for information one keeps needing to refer to while working. Lhermitte’s stroke of creativity combined the roll of tape with the humble Post-It, creating perhaps one of the most useful tapes ever, apart from the magnetic tape and duct tape.

The TAPE treats the entire roll of sticky film as a canvas for useful information. Made from vinyl, the TAPE comes with loads of useful diagrams, like paper sizes, Hex-bolt sizes, font sizes, drill-bit diameters, and even a working scale and protractor. You wouldn’t normally want to ‘waste’ this tape by using it to stick cardboard boxes together, but Lhermitte designed the tape’s adhesive to be strong enough for packaging. In my opinion, the tape’s better suited for sticking on your workbench, on the front of your notepad, or even your laptop.

TAPE was created by Lhermitte as a part of his Quickstarter challenge, which involved putting together a brief and designing and developing a product in a mere 3 months in order to help boost creativity. So far, the TAPE’s set the bar pretty high!

Designer: Oscar Lhermitte

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