10 Best Home Cleaning Appliances That Saves You Time and Sanity

Let’s face it. No matter how we sugarcoat or gamify it, household chores won’t always be fun and exciting. The very word itself has become synonymous with “burdensome,” and there will always be aspects of the task that will always be unpleasant. Unfortunately, these are also tasks that are critical to living a comfortable and healthy life, such as doing the laundry or cleaning up after pets. Since there’s no way to avoid doing them, the best solution would be to complete these chores in the easiest and fastest way possible without compromising on efficiency and safety. Fortunately, we’re at a point in history where technology and design have given us so many products to assist in household work, perhaps even too many to choose from. To help narrow down those choices, here are Yanko Design’s Top 10 home appliances that let you breeze through those chores so that you can spend your time on things that matter the most.

1. OSOTEK HotWave Mop Vacuum

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Robot vacuums might be good for regular maintenance of floors, but they might not cut it for heavier workloads and more stubborn dirt. That doesn’t mean you have to fall back onto less efficient and harder-to-use appliances, especially when there are smarter alternatives available. This one, for example, might look like a typical upright vacuum cleaner, but its innovative use of hot water to mop floors easily sets it apart from the crowd.

The OSOTEK HotWave’s built-in water heater makes sure that you’ll be able to get out those pesky stains, something that robot mops still can’t get right these days. Its intelligent suction power automatically adjusts how much suction you need depending on how much dirt its infrared sensor detects. And with its self-cleaning and self-drying features, all you really need to do is to take the OSOTEK HotWave from its base, walk around with it like a regular vacuum, and return it to its base so that it will be clean and dry for your next use. No dirt, no stains, no sweat.

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2. PUPSULE Portable Poop Scooper

When parents tell kids that a pet is a big responsibility, they’re probably referring to more than just feeding them and giving them baths. Cleaning up after our furry friends, especially when they’ve “done their thing,” can be the least enjoyable part of having a pet. That’s especially true when dogs leave their traces outdoors, much to the annoyance of other people and the embarrassment of their owners. Fortunately, you don’t need to get down and dirty anymore just to pick up after your canine pal, thanks to PUPSULE.

It may look like some prop from a kid’s sci-fi or secret spy show, but this leakproof mechanical arm is exactly what you need to safely and easily pick up your dog’s brown treasure. It almost feels like a game where you deftly pull out a poop bag, drape it over PUPSULE’s claw, and use the plunger to get the job done with the filled bag safely stowed inside the capsule, ready for dropping into a garbage bin. It’s a no-fuss, no-mess solution that will make walks with your dog a lot less stressful.

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3. ECOVACS DEEBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Even before the present smart home wave, there was already a small number of robots rolling around some houses. Robot vacuum cleaners have been around for years now, and although they haven’t exactly changed their basic circular design, they have definitely become smarter and more sophisticated, offering features and perks that help take our minds off the dirt and stains on our floors. There is, in fact, a dizzying number of choices now available in the market, and ECOVACS ROBOTICS has one for every need and budget.

Those just getting their feet wet to keep their floors dry won’t go wrong with DEEBOT N10 PLUS, an entry-level option that offers a solid set of features, including laser-based navigation as well smart mopping. The DEEBOT T9+ takes cleaning to the next level with TruDetect 3D 2.0, which can avoid the objects that kids and pets tend to leave lying around. It even has a built-in air freshener to make sure that the room smells good while the floor stays clean. Right at the top stands the DEEBOT T10 OMNI, offering self-cleaning mop pads and voice control, ensuring that you’ll never have to stoop down just to keep your floors spic and span.

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4. LARQ Purifying Pitcher

Keeping your house clean is important for hygienic living, but drinking clean water is even more critical to a healthy life. There are plenty of water purifying devices and products in the market, ranging from pitchers with filters to full-blown machines, but many of them ironically end up polluting the rest of the planet’s waters in the long run, directly or indirectly.

LARQ is a more sustainable solution to keeping both our bodies and our planet healthy. Using innovative carbon-derived, plant-based filters, this purifying pitcher not manages to clean water from pollutants but also makes water taste crisp and pure. Whether it’s for drinking plain water or making better-tasting smoothies, this sustainable water filtering pitcher quickly delivers pure and crisp water that will help sustain you for your next round of chores.

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5. AirTulip Sleep Air Purifying Smart Headboard

After all those chores, sleep is a most welcomed respite where we finally let our tired bodies rest. But even our seemingly peaceful bedrooms can be home to invisible things that still need to be cleaned out. In fact, we’re pretty much defenseless from these harmful substances when we’re asleep, so we have to rely on external help to clean up the air around our beds. That’s the kind of peaceful slumber that the AirTulip Sleep smart headboard is aiming for, and it does so in a rather unusual and creative way.

Unlike your typical air purifiers, the AirTulip Sleep integrates a medical-grade laminar flow purifier into a stylish headboard that you can match with any bed or linen design. Its unique technology practically creates a purified air bubble around you that doesn’t mix with other air in the room, effectively keeping contaminants away. As a bonus, the headboard integrates features like wireless charging, ambient light, reading lamps, and power outlets, making sure you can get the most out of your time in bed, whether asleep or just chilling out.

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6. Dayoo Kitchen Steam Cleaner

It isn’t just cleaning up after pets that is a chore. Cleaning up after humans, including ourselves, can be just as stressful. Of the many places in the house that requires the most cleaning, the kitchen is probably one of the highest. Never mind the pots and pans used for cooking, even just washing the plates and utensils we use every meal can be a tiring and wasteful activity. Of course, there are dishwashers nowadays, but these convenient machines turn out to be quite inefficient and ineffective at what it’s supposed to do.

It might look like an odd part of the kitchen, but Dayoo is an innovative alternative that combines the best of dishwashers and manual washing. Using a showerhead-like nozzle, it utilizes a high-pressure jet of steam to clean plates, bowls, pans, knives, and anything in between. Not only does it help save water, it also makes it easier to reach areas that neither dishwashers nor faucets can access, ensuring a thorough job of making your kitchenware clean and ready for their next use.

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7. Leo’s Loo Too Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Cat owners have a different problem when it comes to their friend’s regular discharges. While these furballs can be trained to do their thing in litter boxes, making sure that those remain clean and odor-free isn’t as easy as it sounds. That can be especially problematic with fussy felines, though that can now be a thing of the past thanks to Smarty Pear’s latest contraption, Leo’s Loo Too.

Looking more like a toy washing machine that almost functions like one, this smart litter box promises a hands-free and worry-free experience for humans and a comfortable and safe life for the cat. Not only does it automatically clean after the cat, it can also log your pet’s visits and weight so you can keep tabs on their health as well. It will even alert you when its waste bag is full, so you don’t have to constantly check the drawer for yourself. It’s the purrfect fix for feline fans.

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8. Gulp Washing Machine Filter

Along with washing the dishes, doing the laundry is one of the inevitable chores that almost everyone experiences. Thankfully, there is also an abundance of technologies that make life easier for humans, though they sadly come at the expense of our planet’s own life. Very few realize that the dirty water that comes out of even the smartest washing machine has tiny particles that end up polluting the Earth’s waters. Cleaning our dirty laundry shouldn’t have to mean keeping our planet dirty, and that is what this simple, sustainable solution is delivering.

Gulp is a small machine that attaches to the wastewater output of any kind of washing machine, filtering the microplastics that our clothes shed during the washing process. Since it drains the excess water on its own, you don’t have to do anything afterward except empty the filter cup of the dried microfibers. Even better, Gulp’s creators will accept this captured material for research and recycling, ensuring that they won’t touch our planet’s waters ever again.

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9. Narwal T10 2-in-1 Robot Cleaner

Almost like our furniture, not everyone will be happy with a single robot vacuum cleaner design. Indeed, there might be too many options available, and they can vary greatly in terms of features and core functions. Of course, most advertise vacuuming as the main purpose, which is what the majority of people look for anyway. As if to turn that idea on its head, the Narwal T10 seems to make sucking up dirt its second-best feature only, putting most of its focus on mopping your floor clean.

Make no mistake, it’s still a good vacuum cleaner, but the Narwal T10 really shines when it comes to mopping the floor and then cleaning those mop heads without getting your hands dirty. Its LIDAR-based navigation makes sure it knows exactly where to go, or at least where you allow it to go in each room. Its “squircle” design also makes it stand out visually, driving home the image of being different from your typical large robot pucks.

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10. Heisenberg LawnMeister Robot Lawnmower

Robot vacuum cleaners might be smart and useful, but their utility ends at your doors. When it comes to keeping lawns trimmed and clean, most have to settle for less efficient and less effective tools. Some smart lawnmowers, for example, aren’t smart enough to really know where to go, and you often end up having to set up ugly wire fences to keep them from going astray.

The LawnMeister robot lawnmower practically brings all the brains and technologies enjoyed by robot vacs from indoors to outdoors, allowing this roving grass cutter to know where they should and shouldn’t go, avoid obstacles and furry critters, and even spray fertilizer where it’s needed. Neighborhood kids might be bummed out at having less employment, but your lawn will definitely appreciate the smarter attention you can now give it without even lifting a finger.

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